The beginning.


There are two main things on my mind everyday; Food. Music.

Music gives me incredible joy, tears, and a huge feeling of satisfaction but also frustration where I want to scream at my violin and ask myself for a second, only for a second though, why I even decided to do music as a profession… I guess it comes with the job.

Food has always been my passion. I grew up in a family who is obsessed with food, and I don’t know any other family who is more crazy about food. When I was growing up, we would gather almost every weekend, and I watched my mum, aunties and grandmother cook together, sharing recipes, and when the meal was on the table, all the noise would subside and we would silently eat, everyone enjoying every bite and every flavor they had on their tongues. It’s not like we had nothing to talk about. We would start talking loudly eventually after a couple of bites. But I have to say, those few seconds of silence, was one of the best moments I can remember. And of course, the silence would be followed by everyone almost chanting how wonderful food is.

My maternal grandfather was a restauranteur. He had a BBQ restaurant first, then came a trout restaurant, and the last restaurant he owned was a salmon restaurant. I was too young to have known the first restaurant, but the trout restaurant was how I remember my childhood. The restaurant was surrounded by enormous chestnut trees, and my sister and I would go foraging for fallen chestnuts on the ground. Once I found a prickly chestnut, I would stand on my two little feet, and squish the chestnut open.  Once we were home, my mum boiled them until tender, crack the nuts and spoon feed us with a glass of milk after school. I still have a fond memory of the freshly boiled, sweet chestnuts, washed down with a cold glass of milk.

Anyways, after reading wonderful food blogs out there, I also wanted to create a little space for myself where I could share my food with you. I figured Facebook is pretty limited when it comes to sharing my thoughts on food. :-)

I’m not sure how often I will post, and I’m also very new to the blogging scene, but nevertheless, I hope you enjoy my blog and I hope I can encourage you to cook more for yourself, and your loved ones. And please excuse my not-so-professional photos.