Leipziger Wochenmarkt (Farmer’s market in Leipzig)

I started shopping at the open-air farmer’s market every week only 6 years ago. I’ve been there a couple of times before but I thought the market didn’t have stands directly from the local farmers. I wasn’t entirely wrong.  It’s not a pure farmer’s market in a sense, because about 60% of the stands are whole-sale. But I slowly discovered which stands are locally produced, and which stands were local and organic. From spring through early winter, my favorite days of the week are Tuesdays and Fridays when the market is open.  Last Friday, I bought ah-maaazing spring produce and thereby spending way too much money. The market haul includes fresh locally produced radishes, pink baby chard, baby mustard leaves, green asparagus, bunches of chard, portobello mushrooms, and yellow carrots. I also purchased broccoli rabe (cime di rape) from the Italian stand and a bunch of Italian purple sprouting broccoli (!!!) from the new organic stand. I was so excited to see the purple sprouting broccoli, I almost squealed. Anyways, here are photos of the stands I usually buy from. Enjoy!



This stand has directly imported fruit and vegetables from Italy. I usually buy artichokes (above), broccoli rabe, dandelions, and sun-dried tomatoes here. The Italian guy who runs the stand is very friendly. Behind this stand, there is a cheese and charcuterie vendor also from the same guy. Highly recommended!


This stand only sells button mushrooms and portobello mushrooms. Their products are from Thüringen, the neighbouring state next to Sachsen. This is the only stand where I can get large portobello mushrooms. The lady seller here is so jolly, it gets me into a really good mood after stopping by.


This is a newcomer at the market. An all organic stand, with some products from whole sale, and some are from their own farm near Leipzig. Some products can be quite expensive but they have unusual vegetables like purple sprouting broccoli (yes, they are still foreign here). I’ll be on the watch for this stand.


This organic stand from Halle is one of my favorites. All their products are from their farm. In late spring to autumn, they have amazing vegetables. I bought purple, orange, yellow, pink, and white carrots here. Around summer, there are at least 5 different kinds of absolutely delicious tomatoes (which I thought, were impossible to find in Germany). They had yellow beetroots (!) last autumn, after I begged them to grow a year ago. Also, you will find 3-4 different kinds of eggplants, 2-3 kinds of cucumbers, great salad leaves, oh and their pink apples are my favorite apples ever….and the list goes on. A must visit if you are on a look out for tastier and more interesting colored vegetables!


One of my favorites. This is a demeter quality fruit and vegetable stand. Depending on the season, they sell 40-50% of their own produce from a farm in Baalsdorf, near Leipzig. They have delicious spinach, kale, and chard. I also love their tiny broccoli they have around June-July, possibly the best broccoli I’ve ever had. I like the herbs and salad leaves too. The lady seller here knows me well by now and saves me a bundle of coriander when they occasionally have them. 🙂


Not the friendliest sellers but not too bad. On the bright side, they have  delicious local free-range eggs and egg noodles. I like to poach my eggs with these because they are much fresher than most organic eggs from biomarkt, and the egg yolks are soooo orange. Love them.


Frau Müller, my favorite stand for fresh green and white asparagus!


A local creamery, Mölkerei Bennewitz. They have fantastic hand-made butter, milk, cream, and buttermilk. I’m not so convinced with their cheese though. None-organic.

I hope this overview gave you some ideas about the market.  Go! What are you waiting for?  🙂 (Marktplatz, Innenstadt. Tuesdays&Fridays 9am-5pm).

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