There’s nothing more therapeutic than peeling and chopping garlic and onion.

I’m a violinist. I was born and spent my childhood in Korea. I lived in Adelaide, Australia from during my teenage years. I’m based in Germany since 2002.  I love to eat, cook and travel. I wanted to create a little space for myself to share my passion.

I’m an omnivore who cooks more vegetarian food than meat oriented dishes. Most of my recipes on this blog are vegetarian or vegan. I may include a meat recipe once in a while. And because I don’t cook with meat so much, I can afford to buy top quality organic (mostly Demeter quality or other reliable free-range, organic) meat. I love carbs, but mostly whole-grains, and don’t believe people should cut out gluten unless they have celiac disease.

I love to eat everything except raw carrot sticks, soy milk, licorice, meat or sausages from dubious origin, parsnip, over-cooked greens, grainy-textured tofu, and over-processed vegan meat substitutes.

I love pickles. Kimchi, mustard greens, turnips, cauiflower… you name it.

I love greens a lot. Bring me a plate of sauteed bitter greens, kale, spinach, or asian greens, and I’d be a happy gal.

I’m a firm believer in seasoning food well with good salt, especially with Maldon salt, and Korean salt.

Thanks for stopping by! Keep in touch by email or leave comments on my posts, if you like.

contact: shortblackcoffee@yahoo.co.uk

Instagram: ange_shortblackcoffee

*All the recipes are my own unless stated otherwise. Please contact me if you want to use my photos or recipes.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks you for stopping by my blog – what an interesting life you’ve had so far! Are you based in Leipzig now? It is such a beautiful city, but when I went there it was freezing … that put an end to my plans of moving there for my postgraduate studies! I went to Belfast instead, though 😉
    Ginger x

    • Hello! Thanks for stopping by. Yes I still live in Leipzig, and yes, it can get very cold and snowy here compared to the west. My friend from Düsseldorf moved to Leipzig and she told me she has never seen so much snow in her life. 🙂 The city has developed a lot since I moved here 11 years ago. I doubt it will ever be as cool as berlin despite the new nickname, “hypezig” but it’s still a beautiful and pleasant place to live in. Ciao! x Ange

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